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One person will join the ranks of Leandro (Portugal), Xaerael (UK), Alana (Netherlands), Iloon (Netherlands), Kairi (Poland), MrGnob (Russia) and Germia (Czech Republic) as European Cosplay Champions in a spectacular showcase of craftsmanship and dedication in the 2017 EuroCosplay Championships Final.

Join us on Facebook to check out this year’s Finalists, featuring images of the costumes used to qualify from countries all over Europe:

The EuroCosplay Championships Final 2017 will take place towards the end of the day on Saturday the 28th of October 2017 in the Gold Theatre. No special ticket or extra fee is involved- anyone attending the MCM London Comic Con is welcome!

Wondering how the EuroCosplay Champion is selected? The Final boasts a panel of independent judges who hail from outside of Europe. These judges are selected for their deep connection with the cosplay hobby, and will often be skilled and respected cosplayers themselves. The EuroCosplay Finalists are interviewed by these judges, who assess the accuracy of the costume against provided source images and the quality and complexity
of the construction while considering the ambition of the costume as well. That is not all however; during the stage show the judges consider stage presence, nature of the presentation, the ability to take on the role of the character, and level of entertainment or engagement of each EuroCosplay Finalist’s performance. The scores are then totalled and checked and the judges make their final decision.

It will be an opportunity to research the techniques and styles of other countries, to discuss fabrics and materials, and build friendships around a hobby which effortless spans borders for everyone taking part- both the finalists and the audience.

Make sure you join us for this crown jewel of the international cosplay calendar, and show your support for your favourite costumes and countries!

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