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Step into MCM’s London Comic Con and you’re certain to spot a few Suicide Squad-style Harley Quinns’ in attendance. That film’s Assistant Art Director Jeremy Gillespie and Special Makeup Effects Artist Steven Kostanski were a part of making that world a reality. And now, the talented pair have unleashed their own nightmarish feature film, The Void.

The Void uses stunningly realised practical effects to bring an assortment of terrifying creations to life. Before tackling writer-director duties on the project the talented duo worked on the creative side of large-scale Hollywood productions, Jeremy in the Art Department and Steven on Special Make-up Effects. Alongside their work on Suicide Squad they also were involved in Pacific Rim, Steven worked on the Resident Evil and Silent Hill movie series and Jeremy worked on the recent big budget remakes of Total Recall and Robocop. Their work can next be seen in the upcoming remake of Stephen King’s IT.

After honing their skills in the big budget arena whilst simultaneously creating their own imaginative, effects filled indie features the scene was set for the pair to utilise their years of experience to create something wholly original. As Jeremy himself explains, “We’d made a lot of tongue on cheek stuff…” Steven continues, “And we talked a lot about doing an actual horror movie and about the Silent Hill series of games where the horror is cosmic and so big you can’t wrap your head around it. I like the horror of the unknowable and the idea of building a story around that.”

The Void opens on a deserted road where police officer Daniel Carter happens upon a blood-soaked man. Rushing the victim to a local hospital the situation escalates when sinister white-cloaked figures circle the hospital. The situation goes from bad to worse when personnel and patients begin transforming into inhuman monstrosities. The survivors are soon forced on a hellish voyage into the building’s depths in a desperate bid to solve the nightmare before it’s too late…

While the incredible practical monsters are one of the main attractions of the hit film, the directors were quick to praise the human cast they were forcing through their nightmare scenario. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and The Void star Ellen Wong returns the compliment, “There’s so much that goes on in this film that we had to create a meter of how much we are freaking out because; Bev is cutting her face off… and in a regular movie that would be the most horrific thing – a level 10  freak-out – but on this it’s a one!”

MCM London is very pleased to welcome the very interesting and talented Steven and Jeremy for two special panels and a Buzz Stage chat, to discuss their varied movie production work and the new film. With clips and freebies for questions and the best outfits!

The Void is out now on Digital HD, Blu-ray & DVD with stacks of great extras.

Silver Stage Panel 15.30-16.15 on Saturday Panel with freebies

Buzz Stage 12.30-13.00 on Sunday

Gold Stage Panel 14.30-15.00 on Sunday

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