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If you’re anything like us, you’ve spent your entire life hunting for that ONE amazing t-shirt.

Well stop and look no further, because lets you be the designer of your own high quality t-shirts and sell them through your own online store! And guess what? Teedesignshop are bringing their tshirty goodness to MCM London Comic Con!

So how does it work? It’s simple! Upload your own designs to the teedesignshop website or use one of the images in the library and then pick your t-shirt styles and colours. Once you’ve got your design sorted, set how much profit you want to make per item and set a sales target of how many you think you’ll sell.

Then, SHARE! Your designs will be live in your store on the teedesignshop website so share with your friends and family on social media like there’s no tomorrow! The website works on a preorder basis so as soon as you’ve hit your target in preorders, teedesignshop will start making and get shipping to everyone’s who’s ordered. No production risks, no inventory risks, teedesignshop look after it all for you.

Head to stand 634 to find out more about teedesignshop, get to grip with the website, be creative designing your own shirts and get top tips from the team about selling your own swag.

You can find out more and watch tutorials at

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