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A quartet of cast members from Doctor Who spin-off series Class are the latest stars to join London Comic Con’s ever-growing guest list, with Greg Austin, Sophie Hopkins, Fady Elsayed and Vivian Oparah all set to revisit our flagship show to meet fans, sign autographs and give an on-stage talk about the sci-fi series.

Set in contemporary London, Class is a scary, funny and intriguing Young Adult series that shines a light on a whole new corner of the Doctor’s world. Broadcast late last year, the critically-acclaimed first season opened with a new term at Coal Hill Academy, where students are busy preparing for their autumn prom. But when the school comes under attack, four alienated students must form an unlikely alliance to defeat the creatures of darkness out to end existence. And that’s only the beginning…

Greg Austin plays alien prince-in-exile Charlie, who flees to Earth after his home planet Rhodia is invaded by the monstrous Shadow Kin; Vivian Oparah plays young genius Tanya, who despite being just 14 is streets ahead of her older classmates academically; Fady Elsayed plays school heartthrob Ram, a talented footballer who finds it impossible to stay on the sidelines when his school is threatened by creepy aliens; and Sophie Hopkins appears as April – a kindly student whose life is forever changed when she encounters Corakinus, the king of the Shadow Kin.

This news story is for May 2017’s MCM London Comic Con —

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