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The Dungeons & Dragons show, HighRollers, from the Yogscast is coming to MCM London Comic Con this May!

HighRollers is a Dungeons & Dragons stream that airs on the Yogscast’s Twitch every Sunday at 5pm. The largest live broadcast D&D game outside of the US, the show features members of the Yogscast, the popular UK based YouTube network, and follows their adventures in a custom fantasy world using the latest version of the famous roleplaying games from the 80’s.

On Sunday the 28th of May the HighRollers cast will be putting on a LIVE Dungeons & Dragons show here at MCM! This is an open panel but seating will be limited- stay tuned to find out the time & theatre!

Dungeon Master, Mark “Sherlock” Hulmes (@Sherlock_Hulmes) will guide the players as they journey to the Forgotten Realms, the official campaign setting of Dungeons & Dragons, where our adventurers will be sent to a masquerade ball being held by a powerful noble figure in the dazzling city of Waterdeep. But they are not there to eat canapes and drink cocktails, they are tasked to reclaim a powerful demonic artifact and solve a few mysteries before the day is done.

Being sent on this daring adventure will be Chris Trott (@Trottimus) as Cam Buckland the Trickster Cleric/Rogue, Kim Richards (@nanosounds) as Jiutou a Tiefling Monk with a fiery temperament. Katie Morrison (@LittleNommer), playing Elora Galanodel the Moon Elf Druid Princess and finally Matthew Toffolo (@batmanmarch) as Trellimar Aleath, a mysterious Drow Warlock with an obsession with disguises.

A perfect introduction to Dungeons & Dragons, mixed with humour and excitement, you’ll be rolling a critical miss if you don’t come watch it!

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