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Celebrate good Tams at MCM London Comic Con this May – Firefly’s Sean Maher will be joining co-star Summer Glau at the Excel London show! Maher famously played Dr. Simon Tam, older brother of Glau’s psychic assassin River, on Joss Whedon’s much-loved sci-fi western and its 2005 big screen sequel Serenity.

The good ship Serenity’s resident medic, Sean Maher’s character sacrificed a brilliant career as a trauma surgeon to rescue his little sister River from a sinister government research facility. On the run from the law, the usually friendly and polite Simon is fiercely protective when it comes to the unstable River, ready to face down anyone who threatens to harm her. Simon’s stint aboard the Serenity also brings another lady into his life, perky ship’s engineer Kaylee – although expressing his feelings isn’t exactly the socially-awkward doc’s strong suit…

Maher and Glau have also both appeared in hit superhero series Arrow, with Summer playing Isabel Rochev and Sean in the role of serial bomber Shrapnel, while they recently guest stared in fellow Firefly cast member Alan Tudyk’s web comedy Con Man.

This news story is for May 2017’s MCM London Comic Con —

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