lindsayjonesruby2jpgTeam RWBY’s all together! We’re delighted to announce that Lindsay Jones, who voices heroine Ruby Rose in hit Rooster Teeth cartoon RWBY, will be joining co-stars Barbara Dunkelman (Yang), Arryn Zech (Blake) and Kara Eberle (Weiss) at London Comic Con. And like her fellow RWBY guests, Lindsay will be signing autographs for fans free of charge!

Two years younger than her friends at Beacon Academy, Lindsay’s character Ruby is a super cheerful and optimistic teen …albeit one who’s somewhat fixated on her kickass gun-scythe, Crescent Rose. The younger sister of blonde bruiser Yang and partner to Weiss, cape-wearing Ruby is an explosively effective fighter whose weapon can slice or shoot through anything in her path and whose super speed can whip up a wind powerful enough to pin people to walls.

As well as playing Ruby, Lindsay Jones voices characters in two other Rooster Teeth productions –  New Republic leader Kimball in Red vs. Blue and Hilda in X-Ray and Vav, a series she also directed.


— This news story is for October 2016’s MCM London Comic Con —


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