ChrisMcCullochMOBILEJackson Publick III, creator of critically acclaimed and all-round awesome Adult Swim animation The Venture Bros., will be sitting down in front of a live audience with Robert Milazzo (of New York’s Modern School of Film) on the Sunday of London Comic Con.

Now in its sixth season, The Venture Bros. tells the story of well meaning but incompetent teenagers Hank and Dean – the titular Venture brothers — and their father, messed-up former boy adventurer Dr. Venture. Starting out as a parody of series such as the Hardy Boys and Jonny Quest, the long-running cartoon has assembled a rich cast of super villains, secret agents and mad scientists to test the boys rather suspect mettle.

Known to the less adventurous as ‘Christopher McCulloch’, Jackson Publick directs The Venture Bros. as well as writing the show alongside Doc Hammer. He also voices over 20 characters in the series, including snarky co-protagonist Hank Venture, Dr. Venture’s butterfly-themed nemesis The Monarch and bad guy turned Venture family bodyguard Sergeant Hatred. In addition to creating The Venture Bros., Jackson Publick has worked on shows such as The Tick, King of the Hill, Superjail! and Sheep in the Big City.

— This news story is for May 2016’s MCM London Comic Con —


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