Welcome To PurgatoryThe gates of Heaven and Hell have been thrown open. The forces of Good and Evil muster for cataclysmic battle. Welcome to Purgatory! Director Gene Fallaize and executive producer/co-writer Scott Spiegel (Evil Dead II) will be hosting a panel for upcoming fantasy epic Welcome To Purgatory on the Saturday of London Comic Con, alongside cast members Jack O’Halloran (Superman II), Georgina Sherrington (The Worst Witch), Tony Cook and Serena Lorien, plus composer Joseph Bennie.

The on-stage Q&A will see Gene Fallaize announce a new and exciting cast member who is to play Guardian Paul, one of the film’s lead characters, as well as show exclusive production material from the movie. In addition, other stars of Welcome To Purgatory including the legendary Bruce Campbell (The Evil Dead), James Buckley (The Inbetweeners), Jillian Murray (Wild Things) will send video messages to the audience, while cast and crew attending the show sign autographs for fans.

Welcome To Purgatory follows five characters – Taylor, Danni, Willis, Nina and Guardian Paul – whose eternal rest becomes a lot less restful when Heaven and Hell are obliterated, releasing a flood of angels, demons and hellish beasts into the realm of Purgatory. In a bid to set things right, our heroes set off in search of God’s own domain, the elusive Holy Temple …but just because you’re already dead doesn’t mean you can’t be killed again!

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