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Welcome to the Steampunk Emporium at MCM Liverpool!

Steampunk is a vibrant, family friendly sub-culture, which welcomes all!

At it’s heart it has only rule: Be Splendid! Last year we met many attendees who had not experienced Steampunk before. We hope to see them again along with meeting more of you.

Just what is Steampunk? If you ask ten steampunks and you will get twelve answers. It is a literary style, a music genre, a fashion scene
but above all a social sub-culture and arts movement. A place to unleash your geek into a world that never existed.













What do we have for you at MCM Liverpool? We hope to inspire 2d and 3d art. We have makers and artists on the stand who are happy to to talk about their creations and offer advice on how you can make similar items too. Costume specialists are there to answer questions and talk through your ideas for creating you own steampunk outfits and clothes, whether it be upcycled charity shop finds or complete makes. We can also let you know what is going on in the UK steampunk scene both locally to Liverpool and further afield.

If you have your own steampunk creations then please bring them down and share. Steampunk works best when shared. We look forward to seeing you at MCM Liverpool.

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