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Here’s someone you won’t want to miss, anime fans! Trina Nishimura, who voices female lead Mikasa Ackerman in global phenomenon Attack On Titan, is to be the guest of MyM magazine when Liverpool Comic Con returns in March. The award-winning voice actor will be on the MyM stand signing free autographs with a purchase of the latest issue of the magazine.

As well as playing Eren Jaeger’s fiercely-protective adopted sister Mikasa in Attack On Titan, Trina Nishimura’s roles include Lan Fan in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Kurisu Makise in Steins;Gate, Seira Kazuno in Love Live! Sunshine!!, Chain Sumeragi in Blood Blockade Battlefront, Sohara in Heaven’s Lost Property, Mari Illustrious Makinami in the Rebuild of Evangelion film series and Kenjiro Minami in hit figure skating show Yuri On Ice.

Fan favourite Trina’s many other anime credits include Black Butler; Soul Eater; Tokyo Ghoul; Space Dandy; My Hero Academia; Baccano!; A Certain Scientific Railgun; Psycho-Pass; Cashern Sins and 2015 cyberpunk thriller Ghost In The Shell: The New Movie.


— This news story is for March 2017’s MCM Liverpool Comic Con —

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