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Sci-fi fans, gamers, comic collectors, movie buffs and anime enthusiasts from Dublin and surrounding areas descended on the RDS (Royal Dublin Society) last weekend, for the return of MCM Ireland Comic Con, and we want to say a huge thank you to every hero (and villain) that came along! 

From the audience joining Sam Jones (aka Flash Gordon) on stage performing press-ups, to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Austin St. John, Walter Jones, David Yost, Karan Ashley and David Fielding taking the show by storm, this year’s Dublin edition proved to be more than an interactive experience for all.

We even had a surprise appearance of Spider-Man’s new suit from the latest movie Spider-Man: Homecoming!

“It was amazing to see the people of Dublin embrace our 2017 return to the RDS for MCM Ireland Comic Con 2017,” said Danny Aindow, national event manager at MCM Expo Group.

“We had entertaining celebrity guest panels, autographs and photo sessions, a veritable army of talented cosplayers, amazingly skilled comic creators, a surprise visit from Spider-Man, a real-life Lighting McQueen from Disney Pixar’s Card franchise and a whole host of exciting things to cater for every pop culture whim.”

Held on 1-2 July, the pop-culture weekend extravaganza featured everything from comics, movies, games and sci-fi to cosplay, anime, steampunk and online video, including a visit from everyone’s favourite racing hero Lightning McQueen from Disney Pixar’s Cars!

New Zealand actor Manu Bennett from Arrow, The Hobbit and Spartacus entertained the audience with his tales of travelling, while Firefly and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Summer Glau let visitors in on a little secret …that she once auditioned to be the Pink Power Ranger!

Also featured at MCM Ireland Comic Con was Nolan North, known for his work on Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, Con Man and Pretty Little Liars, and Troy Baker, known for The Last of Us, BioShock Infinite and Batman: Arkham Knight. Together, the trio of actors were unstoppable!

For animation fans, voice acting talent Veronica Taylor, known for Pokemon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Slayers joined the panel of actors at the show, as the one and only Vic Mignogna from Full Metal Alchemist reminisced with fans on the legacy of Captain James Kirk in his own TV series Star Trek Continues.

Main Stage Wrestling invaded MCM Ireland Comic Con once again with a variety of live wrestling matches throughout the weekend, as the heroes and villains of the wrestling world bounced off the ropes with excitement.

Other attractions included a whole host of amazing comic book artists and writers, anime and manga distributors, exhibitors and retailers, and children’s entertainment.

“We look forward to returning to Ireland again and next up this month, we have our MCM Manchester Comic Con!”

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