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Pump the dry ice, fetch the referee, and limber up: SLAM Wrestling are bringing the action to MCM Birmingham Comic Con 16!


Ain’t no party like a pro-wrestler party, especially with SLAM Wrestling– the touring American wrestling crew based in Staffordshire! Welcoming a host of heroes- with no capes in sight- there’ll be enough moves to leave Batman quaking in his boots… Including TNA Impact Wrestler Sheera!

Get to the front for live shows throughout the weekend and opportunities to meet the stars of the show- don’t worry, they’ve promised to play nicely!

Or maybe you fancy yourself as the next al-snow-wrestling-big-logo-1champion? Al Snow’s Wrestling Academy has got you covered with the chance to take part in their Live Beginners’ Wrestling Training.

Whether you’re a sucker for a baddie or will be cheering the loudest for your hero, DON’T miss out on the drama!





11am – SLAM Wrestling Live show

12pm – Autographs with the Wrestlers (only £5 for autographs with the whole roster)

1pm – SLAM Wrestling Live Show

2pm – Beginners Wrestling Training Live ( 20 people have the opportunity to sign up for a Wrestling class that is preformed live to the audience) with Al Snows Wrestling Academy. This is totally free come and sign yourself up!

3pm – SLAM Wrestling Live Show

4pm – In Ring photo opportunity with Wrestler (Only £5 with your own camera)



slam-tu-kay-jkllTu Kay
2K may be the most happy-go-lucky of the SLAM wrestlers… but his quirkiness doesn’t make him any less of a threat. Just as happy soaring above the ring as he is on the mat, and With a catalogue of unorthodox maneuvers, 2K will milk the opportunity embarrass and confuse his enemy’s before he picks up a win! From Bristol, Avon 5ft 7 195lbs

Jayson Maverickslam-jayson-maverick
Crowd favourite and all round good guy… until an incident in 2015 left him more savage than superhero! Still a great athlete, Maverick tends to play dirty – and enjoy it. Extreme in nature, often Maverick is more intent on punishment than anything else. Victory is just a pleasant side-effect of his work. From wherever he pleases 5ft 11 198lbs

slam-james-terryJames Terry
The submission technician James Terry; the best technical wrestler on the SLAM wrestling roster. Capable of tying anyone into a human knot he can administer pain like no one else on the roster. Mess with him and he will leave you looking like a shoe lace tapping out for your life. Currently on his ‘Make Cancer Tap’ tour raising money for cancer research he will excite crowds to donate to this cause by forcing his opponents to ‘Tap, Tap, Tap!!!’

After bursting on to the SLAM Wrestling scene in 2015, Athena Furie has shown she means business, having successfully attained both a Female championship and the Slam Wrestling Inter-Counties Championship in less than 12 Months.
This ‘Goddess of War’ is known for her strong style and flare in the air which she refers to as her ‘Fire’ … lets see who dares play with Fire this November at MCM Comic Con.



slam-kenny-killbaineKenny Killbaine
240lbs of bone crushing neck snapping muscle, AKA the Bane of the Black Country, AKA The Beast from Birmingham but what I’m best known for is being Britain’s Most Dangerous! Do you want to know how to earn a name like that? You regulate the British justice system from the inside, many of frightened judges and officers have witnessed the wrath of Kenny Killbaine! So when her majesty sends me overseas to serve the rest of my life sentence, I wind up on DEATH ROW! You’d think that’s the end right? WRONG! I regulated the US Justice system, Dominated the prisons and unleashed hell so much they sent me back over to where I came from! So I’m back, turning up to every city I can, not to wrestle, not to entertain but to FIGHT! To feed my addiction of pain, suffering and violence!


Layton Coleslam-layton-cole
Well travelled and experienced Wrestler. Layton knows the wrestling business from the inside out and is now exclusively in action at SLAM Wrestling.
Expect the un expected as this well rounded individual is known for both his mat wrestling and taking to the sky’s with high risk moves. His record speaks for itself and although his reputation inside the ropes could be described as ‘ A little bad!’ Layton has more recently has taken to passing his knowledge on to the next generation of the sport as a trainer at Al Snow’s Wrestling Academy!

The Tag Team of Eddy Woods and Adam Idoll
Once two of SLAM Wrestling’s biggest rivals, fighting for each other’s respect have finally put there differences aside to bring life to the SLAM tag team division. The flamboyant showmen style of Adam Idol and the no nonsense hard hitting of Eddy Woods, do compliment each other in the ring, with a mix of Idol’s running brain buster and Eddy’s frog splash finishing there opponents is coming with ease, collectively making them one of the most unstoppable forces in SLAM WRESTLING today.



Find out more about getting involved or booking here:

SLAM Wrestling Live Website

SLAM Wrestling Live Facebook

07783 454 915

Al Snow’s Wrestling Academy



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