Gamers rejoice! We have 4 epic indie game developers bringing their latest creations to MCM Birmingham Comic Con! Check out who they are below… 

Robot Champions is a local and online multiplayer robot combat game. Enter the arena with your weaponised robot then bash, smash, flip and rip your enemies into oblivion! Battle with your friends on the couch and online against the world’s best to become… Robot Champions!


MaoMao Castle
Help MaoMao the Cat-Dragon on a fantasy adventure back to their castle, avoiding obstacles and collect rainbows on the way. Speed dash to crash through trees, pillars, and moai, as you fly around trying not to lose one of your 9 lives. Perform deft manoeuvres simply by gliding your finger across your mobile device screen, or waving your hand over the LEAP Motion Controller.


OAOA – Off And On Again is set inside a corrupt and failing computer system.

The player is tasked with rebooting time to before the corruption began. To do this they must switch parts of the world off and on to change the landscape, solve puzzles and overcome all obstacles in their quest to save the world.

OAOA also has a 4 competitive local multiplayer modes, Deathmatch, Elimination, Invasion, & Break it.

Each mode revolves around a “one shot” mechanic where the players can fire once and then can recall their shot back to them


Natures Zombie Apocolypse is here! Humans have succumbed to a Zombie plague. Desperate to prevent their extinction, animals have been forced to take what weapons remain and fight the undead.

Simply surviving in this game will take great skill, but there are lots of other challenges to test yourself. Team up with other players and try to rescue kittens from the clutches of the undead, protect a group of penguins from peril or block zombies from crossing the bridge you are defending. Find more exciting activities as you progress through the game!

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