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Hello Steampunks and Steam Curious, The Victorian Steampunk Society with The Ministry of Steampunk are back at MCM Birmingham, for the last show of the year. we have visited MCM’s in Hanover, Liverpool, London, Manchester and Glasgow. What a great time we had at those fab shows. Where you there too?

This show we will have the best in Steampunk Art on display,in both 2D and 3D.

Kind Hearts and Coronets will be displaying their gowns and Unique Hand Made Jewellery. Philippa Lusty will also be a part of the Steampunk Fashion Talks on Stage each day too. There she will also be joined by Dee Fisher from Second Coming. Dee has a distinctive style of Steampunk Clothing. She uses pre-loved garments and adds her own brand of upcycled glamour to them. Do check out her display too. Our 3rd designer is from the Ministry of Steampunk. Elsie has shown outfits here at MCM for nearly 10 years and always has a new twist on SteamPUNK. This show will be no different. She will also be on stage during the Fashion Talks on Saturday and Sunday at 2 pm.

Along with Chris Osborne, Droid maker, and R2D2 we will have Mark Goodman from ‘Mostly Curious Games‘. Talking and displaying some of his work. Mark makes all his pieces at home in his spare time. He is also happy to share his wealth of knowledge on stage over the weekend.

John Naylor, props maker and author will also be exhibiting some of his new pieces this weekend. John is the creator of the very popular Darth Vapour, first displayed at MCM London 9 years ago. He will also be onstage during the ‘Makers Talk’ at 12 pm each day.

This show we are being Joined by Malika Andress, famous for her  facebook page; ”Lady M’s Cooking with Gin”. Lady M, will be demoing one of her seasonal recipes using gin. Giving advice , hints and tips about enjoying ( responsibly) this interesting and surprising spirit. She is well known in Steamy circles for her amazing knowledge about this her pet subject. Catch her on stage at 1 pm both days.


Gary Nichols will also be joining us with his art project ‘The Imaginarium‘, This is now a 3 book story told in Beautiful Art. Book 1 is available on the Steampunk Emporium stand over the weekend. He will be telling you all about how a trip to The Asylum started him on this adventure which has taken him around the world taking photos of people and places he uses in the books. His talk will be at 4pm each day.


Last of all, TEA DUELING will be happening at 3pm each day on stage. This is the noble sport of dipping a Malted Milk biscuit into a mug of tea, and being the last person to cleanly eat your biscuit. This is a competitive sport which you can all take part in. The winner each day will be able to take part in the International Final held at the Asylum in Lincoln over the Aug Bank Holiday. Do practice this each morning as a part of a training regime. Full rules of play can be found here;. Our Tiffin Mistress on this occasion will be Michelle Edmunds. Tea Duels will take place at 3 pm each day.


Talks Programme:

Saturday and Sunday

12.00    Meet the Makers

13.00    Cooking with Gin

14.00    Steampunk Fashion

15.00    Tea Dueling

16.00    The Imaginarium



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