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There’ll be a ‘70s swagger to Birmingham Comic Con next month, with Starsky, Hutch and Huggy Bear bringing their iconic crime-busting cool to March’s pop culture spectacular. Paul Michael Glaser, David Soul and Antonio Fargas – the three stars of classic American cop show Starsky & Hutch – will be signing autographs on both days of the NEC event.

Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul played the series’ titular detective duo, streetwise Brooklyn native David Starsky and his more intellectual partner Kenneth ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson, while Antonio Fargas became a hugely popular breakout star thanks to his role as extravagantly-dressed police snitch Huggy Bear.

Originally airing from 1975 to 1979, Starsky & Hutch saw Glaser and Soul’s characters cracking crimes in the fictional Bay City, California – investigations that often involved a visit to their jive-talkin’ confidential informant Huggy Bear and an exciting car chase in the ‘Stiped Tomato’ – Starksy’s famous bright red Ford Gran Torino.

— This news story is for March’s 2017’s MCM Birmingham Comic Con —

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